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  • Health & Safety
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    Health and safety at Nanometrics is governed by a Health and Safety Board, which oversees the internal Joint Health and Safety Committee and the Field Operations Safety Committee.   
  • Nanometrics offers a range of site survey, installation, maintenance and decommissioning services to ensure your network is properly installed and will meet its monitoring mandate.  
  • We pride ourselves on our intelligent, science-based approach to network design and performance modeling. We can predict the performance of your network before any sensors are installed, including determining the impact of noise encroachment from nearby operations.
  • Services
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    Seismic monitoring has been our core business for over 30 years. Only a few years ago, we recognized the need in the oil and gas market for our turnkey seismic monitoring services.
  • Manufacturing
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    By designing for repeatability and focusing on quality assurance, strategic supply chain management and scalability, we ensure that our production capacity is perfectly aligned with our ongoing growth in market share.