• This study examines the factors considered, the approaches taken and the outcomes in the design and implementation of a real time acquisition system for the Israeli National EEW Network, TRUAA.
  • When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September 2017 the high-end category 4 hurricane brought with it high‑speed winds and torrential rains, which resulted in catastrophic damage to the island.
  • The latest addition to the popular Cascadia series of single cased instruments, the Cascadia 120 Slim Posthole, combines the ultra low-noise of the Trillium 120 Slim Posthole seismometer with the high clip level of the Class A Titan accelerometer.
  • Seismic and environmental data acquisition via satellite
  • ISM traffic light protocols are implemented to manage induced seismic risk associated with Oil and Gas extraction activity. Incorrect application of protocols can have significant consequences for operators, associated communities and other stakeholders.
  • Low latency is a key contributor to the success of an earthquake early warning (EEW) system. There are several points where delay is introduced between the instant in time that a digitizer produces a set of samples across its analog sensor channel inputs and the point at which the corresponding…
  • Broadband seismology has changed radically over the last 30 years, from researchers with a large seismological apparatus in their basement vaults to deploying a very broadband seismometer on an Antarctic ice sheet in the brief time it takes to shut off and restart a helicopter!
  • The Cascadia Comact, formerly the Trillium Cascadia, combines the proven Trillium Compact Posthole with the Class A Titan Posthole in a single posthole instrument. This dual output sensor measures both strong motion and weak motion, with absolutely no compromise in performance.