The Titan series of strong motion accelerometers and accelerographs are ideal for high-precision, free-field strong motion and structural monitoring, such as state-of-health of large structures, or in early warning/rapid notification systems.


Titan logoThe Titan and Titan Posthole are force balance, triaxial, class-A accelerometers with exceptional dynamic range and ultra-low self noise. The TitanEA and TitanSMA accelerographs are built with the same Titan technology but include an integrated digitizer.


Titan     Titan Posthole   


Titan SMA     Titan EA




Trillium Cascadia

Trillium Cascadia incorporates both a Titan Posthole and a Trillium Compact 120s in a single sensor which gives you the most data for your investment. This dual purpose sensor is deal for earthquake early warning.


Trillium Cascadia


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