The TitanSMA is a strong motion accelerograph designed for high precision observational and structural engineering applications, where scientists and engineers require exceptional dynamic range over a wide frequency band

Titan SMA and logoThe TitanSMA features the same sensor as the Titan Accelerometer with its low noise floor, exceptionally low hysteresis, and industry leading dynamic range. The integrated digitizer and recorder facilitate both standalone and networked free-field monitoring deployments.

Ease of Use Features Include:

  • Convenient data retrieval via removable SD card or local Ethernet in MiniSEED or ASCII formats
  • Continual streaming of data to a central server or retrieved on demand from the central site
  • HTTP data communications, which requires only Internet website access from within the host IT network to stream continuous or event data
  • Instrument configuration/control via browser interface with Ethernet connection
  • LED indicators that provide quick visual instrument status
  • GNSS, PTP or NTP timing
  • Full digitizer/ sensor response metadata files generated on-demand                      

Civil Defense Applications

The TitanSMA provides all the necessary functionality to facilitate civil defense applications such as early warning systems and shake maps:

  • Ultra-low latency configurations as low as .25 seconds
  • Local real-time processing and transmission of PGA, PGV, and PGD data
  • Ability to recognize P-wave events and broadcast warnings
  • Network integration of multiple sensors for event triggers and voting

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Polar Certified Model available for
operating temperatures down to -45°C



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