Our range of accessories includes deployment cases for Trillium Compacts and Meridian Compacts and insulating covers for our vault sensors

Our rugged and supremely functional deployment case turns a collection of monitoring equipment into a quick-deploy portable station, with everything you need for a short-term, standalone deployment. 

Transportable seismic station located on a mountain in Alaska

During transport, the case provides shock protection for your instrumentation, even under the most demanding field conditions. 


At the site, the case houses a complete deployment kit for standalone (non-telemetry) experiments of up to 7 days of continuous data acquisition. Deployments can be extended by purchasing an optional solar charging system, as the case can transport and act as an external mount for a 12W solar panel. 


The case also serves as a thermal insulating cover to provide the sensor with a consistent operating environment, ensuring the highest quality data. 


Trillium Compact + Centaur Transport Case (model 18192) holds:

Quick deploy
  • Centaur digitizer 
  • Trillium Compact Surface Vault or Posthole 
  • 5m (max) cable
  • LiPo battery (max 20Ah) 
  • Solar charge controller 
  • 12W solar panel
  • GPS patch antenna


Meridian compact + SIU Transport Case (model 18194) holds:

  • Meridian Compact
  • Surface Interface Unit (SIU) 
  • Data cartridge
  • 5m (max) cable
  • LiPo battery (max 20Ah) 
  • Solar charge controller 
  • 12W solar panel 
  • GPS patch antennaHorizon case closedHorizon Case


Trillium Horizon Transport Case (model 18680) holds:

  • Trillium Horizon
  • 10m (max) cable




Insulating covers for surface vault sensorsTrillium cover with cable

Our insulating cover for our surface vault sensors (Trillium 120Q/QA, Trillium 360) provides thermal insulation and protection from external air currents. 


The easy-to-install cover includes a foam base gasket and a rigid form-fitting cover. 


Properly installed, it will attenuate temperature-induced long-period noise by up to 40dB. A sensor cable with a right-angle connector is required when using the insulating cover.





Trillium Cascadia Integration Kit Cascadia integration kit with Titan accelerometer and Trillium 120 Posthole

The new Trillium Cascadia line demonstrates the clear performance, convenience and operational benefits of a single instrument combining both strong and weak motion sensors. In addition to the Trillium Cascadia Compact, which combines a Titan Posthole Class A accelerometer with a Trillium Compact Posthole broadband seismometer, we now offer an integration kit that allows you to combine the Titan Posthole with a Trillium 120 Posthole or Trillium 120 Borehole seismometer for a Cascadia that has an even lower noise floor and greater dynamic range. 


Learn more about the Trillium Cascadia Integration Kit

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