Pegasus Quick Deploy Kit

The Pegasus Quick Deploy Kit provides a convenient, compact, all-in-one portable, standalone, broadband station. Suitable for short-term and nodal deployments, the Quick Deploy Kit minimizes the time and overhead of packing, and facilitates transportation and station set-up.


The Quick Deploy Kit is a full broadband station contained in a briefcase sized IP67 case.

Kit Components

Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Trillium Compact horizon Seismometer

Trillium Compact Horizon Broadband Seismometer

Smart battery

Nanometrics Smart Battery

Solar panel

Optional solar panel, cabling, and mount

Hard case with cables that run inside it.

Compact, rugged case with cabling and battery charger


Key Benefits

A complete broadband station in a compact case

Pack and go. Pre packaged kits enable rapid response to RAMP experiments. At 19lbs, the Quick Deploy Kit makes packing and transport much easier.

Continuous Operation

Together the Pegasus Digital Recorder and Compact Horizon consume less than 400 mW of power. The Quick Deploy Kit enables the station to run continuously for 15 days with the option to extend the duration indefinitely with the integrated solar power charger and external solar panel.

Easy to Pack and Transport

Easily load 20 stations into the back of a truck, carry 2 stations at a time, and easily stack and warehouse multiple stations on a single pallet. 





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