The Cascadia line demonstrates the clear performance, convenience and operational benefits of a single instrument combining both strong and weak motion sensors


In addition to the Cascadia Compact, which combines a Titan Posthole Class A accelerometer with a Trillium Compact Posthole broadband seismometer, we now offer an integration kit that allows you to combine the Titan Posthole with a Trillium 120 Posthole or Trillium 120 Borehole seismometer for a Cascadia that has an even lower noise floor and greater dynamic range.

What are the advantages of a combined instrument?Trillium Cascadia integration kit bracket

Easier and less costly installation:

  • Only one hole to dig
  • One instrument to level and align
  • Large tilt range

Better performance:

  • Always on-scale: local large magnitude as well as very weak signals recorded with the high combined dynamic range of the two sensors
  • All six channels precisely aligned
  • Less combined power required than similar systems

Ruggedness and reliability

  • Completely immersible and corrosion resistant
  • Protected from overcurrent, reversed polarity and electrical transients

Combine the Cascadia with a Centaur digitizer and realize even more advantages:

  • Access each sensor’s web user interface to check status and configure accelerometer range modes at any time, even remotely
  • Easy levelling with an electronic bubble level on the Centaur’s web browser interfaceTrillium Cascadia integration kit bracket deconstructed
  • Advanced calibration features and smart sensor access/SOH
  • Generate total system response information in RESP or dataless SEED formats
  • Ability to check vertical orientation of sensor at any time remotely
  • Ability to observe verticality of borehole casing during installation

Sensor integration is performed in the field and is non-permanent so you can use your Titan and Trillium sensors separately at a later date.


Integration kit for field assembly includes:

  • Titan-Trillium Integration tube, top cap, and adaptor ring
  • Required screws and other hardware
  • Assembly instructions



* Required Field