Our Digitizers provide an intuitive, efficient workflow that guarantees complete and high-quality data sets. These rugged and reliable instruments can withstand harsh deployment environment and handling for any duration of deployment. 



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Our Centaur digital recorder simplifies high-performance seismic recordings for any deployment, portable or permanent, standalone or networked. The rugged Centaur offers redundant, fail-safe data archiving and removable storage and is suitable for broadband and passive sensors.




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The Pegasus Data Acquisition System is an intuitive and versatile solution covering the full spectrum of portable applications from long term broadband to full waveform, full wavefield imaging. Pegasus opens up the next chapter in Large-N science.





PegasusOBSDesigned specifically for ocean bottom experiments, the Pegasus OBS workflow optimizes onshore and shipboard processes to address common challenges of this demanding environment.




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The Meridian series instruments are a combination of two proven technologies in a single instrument. This high-performance seismograph offers simplified downhole installations with a small-footprint station.

Meridian Compact PostholeMeridian Posthole



Titan logoThe TitanEA and TitanSMA are a combination of accelerograph and integrated digitizer, built with Titan technology.


Titan SMATitan EA




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