The foundation of a new ecosystem for portable broadband and passive node deployments 


The Pegasus digital recorder is a highly portable, low-power and mobile integrated seismic acquisition system that delivers an intuitive, efficient workflow with a fast and reliable data delivery system that ensures a complete data set. 


The Pegasus digital recorder provides high fidelity data acquisition tailored to the needs of portable monitoring campaigns. The power consumption of <200mW represents a reduction of 60% for a typical sensor and digitizer station. With the small size, weight and power (SWaP) of Pegasus, you can deploy more stations for a longer period of time with less investment. 


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Any Sensor, Density or Duration

Flexible and modular, the Pegasus digital recorder supports single, dual or 3-component analogue sensors including:

  • Broad support for broadband seismometers
  • Geophone sensors
  • Strong motion accelerometers
  • Microbarometers
  • Meteorological Sensors
Pegasus App
IOS and Android apps provide the primary field interface for the Pegasus digital recorder.

From Experiment Design to Publishing 

Ultra-low Size, Weight and Power 

The exceptionally low power consumption of Pegasus significantly reduces battery requirements, overall station size and weight allowing for the efficient deployment of more stations for a longer period of time. 


Modular and versatile 

The modular nature opens up broad choices in battery chemistry and sensor technologies, facilitating transport logistics and matching station design to the needs of the science. 



Whether you are working with a handful of units or many hundreds, well-designed friendly and intuitive workflows for all scenarios allow even the most inexperienced operator to work with confidence. 


Quick to configure, deploy, retrieve data, process and publish 

Boot time in less than 10 seconds and intuitive responsive Apps make configuration and deployment fast and fail-safe. Data recovery is via lightning-fast USB 3.0, where one month of data can be seamlessly downloaded ready for processing in under 10 seconds. 


Complete ready-to-process data

Ready-to-use data is delivered in MiniSEED format along with StationXML metadata and comprehensive project audit information, such as field notes and photos. 


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Polar Certified Model available for
operating temperatures down to -45°C




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