Pegasus Ocean Bottom Digital Recorder

From deployment logistics, power consumption, to noise reduction, and data recovery, ocean bottom deployments can be both complex and challenging. Research into underwater tectonic structures and earthquakes is now much easier and more efficient with the Pegasus OBS digital recorder.

Nanometrics offers a standardized, commercial platform, purpose-built for ocean bottom research experiments. Whether you are undertaking passive imaging of a subduction zone or doing ocean bottom RAMP studies, the Pegasus OBS provides a broader range of experiment flexibility, ultra-low size, weight and power and more.

Pegasus OBS ecosystem

Pegasus OBS digital recorder unit

Pegasus OBS

Pegasus Data Harvesting application shown on laptop

Pegasus Data Harvesting Application

2 Pegasus mobile app screens, side by side

Pegasus Mobile Application
(Available on iOS & Android App stores)

Key Benefits

Seamless, Intuitive Workflow

Together the Pegasus Mobile App, Data Harvesting App and Campaign Manager (for larger campaigns) optimizes onshore and shipboard processes from station pre-planning and configuration to harvesting, making it easier and much more time efficient.

Minimizes Infrastructure Requirements

Ultra-low Size, Weight and Power reduces overall station size requirements, power consumption, and simplifies integration into existing systems or new vessel designs. Lower power consumption means reduced battery costs and longer duration deployments.

Quick and Easy to Deploy

The Pegasus mobile app has easy to use  templates and a dashboard that eliminates the need for highly trained engineers to configure and deploy a station. Mobile access to a station health dashboard means you can be confident that the deployment was performed correctly.

Saves time in the field

Pegasus OBS optimizes time on site by automatically compiling up to a year’s worth of ready to analyze data and metadata sets in less than 2 minutes, without having to open the pressure vessel.

Research Flexibility

Support for a broad range of sensor types and power sources. including active and passive seismometers, differential pressure gauges, and hydrophones. Provides the flexibility to choose the power source option that best fits experiment duration.

Purpose Built for Ocean Deployments

Pegasus OBS provides a high-precision, low-drift timing system that eliminates the need for external timing sources and safeguards against human error to deliver accurately time stamped data. It enables scheduling flexibility of OBS recovery cruise by providing an ultra low reserve timing power mode for when main batteries are exhausted.




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