Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Where You’re Going, There Are No Roads. From volcanic explosions to fire ants, we know that trying to collect quality seismic data in remote, difficult-to-reach regions on land and in polar environments, can be both a costly and a logistical nightmare. At Nanometrics, we’ve re-imagined the approach by overcoming the limitations of existing instrumentation and optimizing the approach to autonomous experiments.. 


From experiment design to publishing, Pegasus reduces time in the field, the need for on-site station health checks,  inventory management, and power related costs. Pegasus sets new standards for flexibility, efficiency, and data quality delivered by a standalone, portable, digital recorder. 


Pegasus is well suited for broadband and passive node deployments, which focus on full waveform, full wavefield imaging, and rapid aftershock research.

Pegasus Ecosystem

Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Smart battery

Pegasus Smart Battery

2 Pegasus mobile app screens, side by side

Pegasus Mobile Application
(Available on iOS & Android App stores)

Pegasus Data Harvesting application shown on laptop

Pegasus Data Harvesting Application

Pegasus campaign manager user interface on a monitor

Pegasus Campaign Manager

Hard case with cables that run inside it.

Pegasus Quick Deploy Kit


Key Benefits

Minimize Station Infrastructure

With a power consumption of <200mW, Pegasus significantly reduces battery requirements, station size, and weight allowing for efficient and cost-effective deployment of larger campaigns over a longer period of time.

Seamless, Intuitive Workflow

Together the Pegasus Mobile App, Data Harvesting App and Campaign Manager (for larger campaigns) make every phase of the campaign, from station pre-planning and configuration to harvesting, easier and much more efficient.

Quick and Easy to Deploy

The Pegasus mobile app offers easy to use  templates and a dashboard that eliminates the need for highly trained engineers to configure and deploy  a station. Mobile access to a station health dashboard means you can walk confident that installation was performed correctly.

Minimize Field Effort

Minimize the time required to retrieve and process complete data sets. Retrieve one month’s worth of data in MiniSEED format along with StationXML metadata, State of Health and comprehensive project audit data in under 10 seconds. Pegasus eliminates the need to manually transcribe installation records.

Research Flexibility

Pegasus offers flexibility through support for a range of broadband seismometers, strong motion accelerometers, geophones, micro barometers, and meteorological sensors, without the need for additional infrastructure such as charging racks, and data harvesting servers.

Purpose Built

Available in 3 models: Pegasus Portable for land, Pegasus OBS for ocean, and Pegasus Polar for cryospheric science.

See it in action

Ultra low Size, Weight & Power

Deploy more instruments faster and more densely at a lower cost than conventional digital recorders.

How to deploy Pegasus

Set up and configure a Pegasus digital recorder in less than 10 minutes. For a planned station, setup takes less than 2 minutes. 

Scientist hanging off cliffside with Pegasus equipment

Case Study

Learn how the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) recently deployed Pegasus to monitor water flow behind the rockface in Gros-Morne, a small village in Gaspésie, QC.





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