Transforming Portable Seismic Campaigns

Planning and deploying autonomous seismic campaigns can be a complex, time consuming, and costly process with limited outcome certainty. While instrument Size, Weight and Power are key; network size, station geolocation, instrumentation and sensor choices are fundamental.


The Pegasus portable data acquisition ecosystem redefines the role of the digital recorder and transforms the campaign workflow, as you know it. Pegasus is an integrated ecosystem of hardware and software components that ensures campaigns are easy to plan, execute and deliver outcome certainty and cost efficiency.


Digital Recorder & Smart Battery

Pegasus digital recorder beside the smart battery

Mobile Application


Pegasus mobile app screens on a phone

Data Harvesting Application

Pegasus Data Harvesting application shown on laptop

Campaign Manager


Pegasus campaign manager user interface on a monitor


Pegasus Software

Seamlessly integrated workflows address all aspects of the campaign lifecycle from pre-planning to pre-configured deployments, harvesting ready-to-use complete data sets, configuration distribution to field technicians and automatically generated metadata. 

Pegasus Mobile Application

Have field staff quickly configure and deploy a Pegasus portable digital recorder using an intuitive mobile application that has station planning, configuration workflows, State-of-Health and real-time waveform dashboards to streamline research design, confirmation and station management.

Key Benefits

  • Predefined station templates help to streamline campaign planning and instrument configuration.
  • Verify station health status, at a glance, with the mobile dashboard.
  • Eliminate manual firmware updates by sending them directly to the Pegasus over a  Bluetooth connection.
  • Integration with Campaign Manager enables you to save time configuring multiple stations while ensuring the research team is in sync with campaign plans and updates.

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Pegasus Data Harvesting Application

Easily retrieve data using the Pegasus Harvester Application which streamlines the post-harvesting work required to convert, compile or curate complete data sets.

Key Benefits

  • Minimize time in the field by retrieving ready to process, complete data sets, lightning fast.
  • Protect against data loss and corruption in the field by uploading a copy of the data directly to the harvesting pod or to a laptop via a USB 3.0 cable.



Pegasus Campaign Manager

A secure cloud based campaign planning and management software tool that enables researchers to design, configure and manage small to large-N deployments more efficiently and effectively with  easy-to-use, end-to-end configuration workflows.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline the creation of detailed station configuration plans using  pre-defined templates, and set geo-locations using enhanced mapping features.
  • Quickly create multiple stations at once with user-defined spacing and geolocation.
  • Save time and ensure accuracy by automatically distributing completed station and instrument configurations, locations and any updates to the deployment team’s mobile apps when a network connection is available.
  • Automatic post deployment synchronization with the mobile app enables auditing of the deployment to ensure instruments have been installed correctly. Campaign Manager provides access to and the ability to review station deployment information by instrument, earth location, or SCNL context information.





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