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The Trillium family of broadband seismometers are the most popular seismometers in the world. There’s a variety of form factors and corner frequencies, ranging from the Trillium Compact family, the Trillium 120 family and our Trillium 360 family, meaning there’s a Trillium that’s ideal for your weak motion seismic research. 


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Our innovative Meridian digital seismometers take broadband to a whole new level by incorporating the sensor and digitizer in a single unit, for a highly portable and accurate option that's easy to install.



Titan accelerometers and accelerographs instrumentation for ground motion and strong motion monitoring

The Titan family of strong motion accelerometers and accelerographs are ideal for high-precision, free-field strong motion and structural monitoring, such as state-of-health of large structures, or in early warning/rapid notification systems.



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Our Centaur digital recorder simplifies high-performance seismic recordings for any deployment, portable or permanent, standalone or networked. The rugged Centaur offers redundant, fail-safe data archiving and removable storage and is suitable for broadband and passive sensors.



Nanometrics seismometers from global teleseismic to strong motion applications