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Why Titan?

  • industry leading dynamic range 
  • wide operational frequency range: DC to 430 Hz 
  • full-scale range of ±0.25 g to ±4 g (down to ±0.125 g for SMA, EA) 
  • best-in-class thermal stability and high accuracy for increased data quality 
Titan Posthole
    Titan Posthole

Easy to install, easy to use

  • compact footprint for quick and efficient deployments 
  • rugged, compact enclosure 
  • independent horizontal and vertical range selection
  • digitally selectable full-scale range and offset zeroing capabilities — making it ideal for a wide variety of applications where the instruments are difficult to access or where site visits need to be kept to a minimum



Titan EA



Titan and Titan Posthole

The Titan and Titan Posthole are our force balance, triaxial accelerometers.


View the Titan Data Sheet

View the Titan PH Data Sheet



Titan SMA



TitanEA and TitanSMA strong motion accelerographs

The TitanEA and TitanSMA accelerographs are built with the same Titan technology, but include an integrated digitizer. 

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Cascadia integration kit with Titan accelerometer and Trillium 120 Posthole
Trillium Cascadia 
Integration Kit
Trillium Cascadia dual sensor seismometer and accelerometer combined in one senor
Trillium Cascadia

Trillium Cascadia compact seismometer/accelerometer 

Our newest member of the Titan family is our Trillium Cascadia, which incorporates both a Titan Posthole and a Trillium Compact 120s in a single sensor. Because it measures both strong and weak motion, the Cascadia is ideal for earthquake early warning and allows you to get the most data for your investment. Do you already own a Titan or Trillium 120 PH/BH? See your options with the Cascadia Integration Kit.



View the Trillium Cascadia Data Sheet


View the Trillium Cascadia Integration Kit Data Sheet





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