Our line of Trillium 120 seismometers is available in vault, posthole or borehole form factors to suit a wide range of applications. 

Horizon sensor
            The new
      Trillium Horizon

Vault or direct bury? Now you don't have to choose! 

Our latest member of the Trillium 120 family is one of our most versatile seismometers to date. The Trillium Horizon matches the portability and deployability of our Compact line with the performance of our vault seismometers. This dual-purpose instrument can be direct buried at shallow depth or set on a pier, meaning the Trillium Horizon gives you the most versatility for your investment.






Trillium Posthole 120 seismometer
 Trillium 120 PH

A downhole seismometer that revolutionized deployments

Performing local, regional or teleseismic studies in a potentially hostile environment? No problem. The Trillium Posthole 120 is ideally suited to uncased, buried installations. It has a robust, waterproof, stainless steel enclosure, a high-pressure, marine grade connector and an advanced, internal leveling system that allows the unit to operate over a tilt range of +/-5 degrees*. 

But you don’t need to compromise performance for ruggedness. It has a response flat to velocity from 120 seconds to 150 Hz and an exceptionally low self-noise.


*(+/-10 degrees is also an option)





Trillium 120 Borehole BH Seismometer
Trillium 120 BH





Nanometrics’ industry-leading portfolio of Trillium seismometers now includes a borehole variant for deep-earth deployments in cased boreholes

The Trillium Borehole Seismometer is a very broadband seismometer designed for cased boreholes. The instrument is housed in a stainless steel enclosure with an integrated hole-lock mechanism, strain relief, and a high pressure marine grade connector. An advanced leveling system allows the instrument to self-correct over a tilt range of ±5 degrees.

Trillium 120 Borehole Data Sheet






An exceptional vault seismometer 

Trillium 120 Q Vault
     Trillium 120 Vault

The Trillium Vault 120Q/QA  is an exceptional broadband seismometer that has been deployed for vault earthquake monitoring in observatories and portable deployments worldwide.


The Trillium 120 Q/QA offers exceptionally low self-noise.


By incorporating the same symmetric triaxial design and suspension system as the highly successful Trillium 240, it boasts a higher clip levels at high frequencies, a lower noise floor, lower power consumption and flattened response compared to our popular Trillium 120P/PA. 


Fast, one touch motorized mass centering and the option of remote re-centering to simplify installation, plus the well-proven robustness and reliability of its mechanical suspension means the Trillium 120 Q/QA combines easy deployment, durability and high performance into one outstanding vault seismometer. 




Cascadia integration kit with Titan accelerometer and Trillium 120 Posthole




Trillium Cascadia Integration Kit 

The new Trillium Cascadia line demonstrates the clear performance, convenience and operational benefits of a single instrument combining both strong and weak motion sensors. In addition to the Trillium Cascadia Compact, which combines a Titan Posthole Class A accelerometer with a Trillium Compact Posthole broadband seismometer, we now offer an integration kit that allows you to combine the Titan Posthole with a Trillium 120 Posthole or Trillium 120 Borehole seismometer for a Cascadia that has an even lower noise floor and greater dynamic range.



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