Trillium Compact Posthole
Trillium Compact Posthole

Our most popular line of seismometers

The Trillium Compact seismometer is available in several variants to facilitate vault, surface or buried downhole deployments.

Quality data within minutes 

The exceptionally small size of all Trillium Compacts, and the fact that no mass lock and no mass centering is needed, significantly reduces the time and effort required for site preparation and installation. Plus, no further intervention is required for continuous quality data within minutes of deployment.


Trillium Compact 20 

Trillium Compact
Trillium Compact

The Trillium Compact 20s has a wide operational tilt range of ±10° and is suitable for downhole installations where the seismometer cannot be levelled, or for rapid deployments where a quick settling time is needed. The 20s is available in surface and posthole variations.


Trillium Compact 120 

The Trillium Compact 120s has lower long-period noise and a narrower tilt range of ±2.5°. They are suitable for installations where the seismometer can be manually levelled or placed on a level surface, such as in a vault or at the bottom of a suitably prepared borehole. The 120s is available in surface and posthole variations. 


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Trillium Cascadia
Trillium Cascadia 


Trillium Cascadia 

The Compact family now includes the Trillium Cascadia. This dual-purpose sensor combines the technology of the 120s Compact with a Titan, for measuring both strong and weak motion.


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Meridian Compact Posthole

Our Meridian Compact Posthole digital seismometer combines a Trillium Compact 120s or 20s seismometer and a 24-bit Centaur digitizer, mounted on a levelling system inside a waterproof, stainless steel pressure vessel.


Specialty deployments

Trillium Compact is also available in specialty form factors for ocean-bottom deployments or deployments in unstable terrain in which tilt is expected to exceed 10°, such as on ice sheets or glaciers.

Meridian Compact Posthole seismometer with surface interface unit
Meridian Compact PH
shown with Surface Interface Unit


Trillium Compact Posthole

Trillium Compact OBS 120  

Trillium Compact All-terrain 120



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