Everything you need to collect and transmit seismic and environmental data in real time...from any location


Our Libra VSAT system is a private satellite communication system that collects continuous seismic or other environmental data and transmits it in near real time from remote stations directly to a central hub via geostationary satellite.


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Libra Satellite System

Unique and purpose built for seismic and other environmental data 

Buying an off-the-shelf satellite system for seismic data is like opening a peanut with a sledgehammer: it gets the job done, it’s not the best-suited or most cost-effective option available. 


Libra is unique. It’s the only purpose-built VSAT system designed specifically for seismic and other environmental communications. As a simple yet highly effective system, it has a smaller footprint and requires less power and less bandwidth than most typical systems. With no co-located hub and data sent directly to your institute, operating cost is minimal. It requires no specific skills to operate and maintain. 


Libra is also highly scalable, making it cost-effective for networks of any size. Cost is independent of station remoteness. Data can be transmitted from any number of sites simultaneously to one receiving Carina with no additional satellite lease costs. Data can also be sent from one remote station to multiple hubs simultaneously, using no additional bandwidth. 

Purpose built for total freedom of station placement

The design of the Libra system was driven by the requirement to operate autonomously in very remote regions. Because of the technology and the ruggedness of the equipment, Libra opens up a wide range of options for remote site placement, including hostile or isolated terrain unsuitable for cellular, telephone or radio communications. 


Libra remote stations can be installed anywhere there is a clear view of the satellite. The cost of communications does not vary with the location or with distance from the central site, plus the system can be solar powered, so stations are completely independent from any existing infrastructure.

Purpose built for complete control

Libra is a private network. Unlike Internet, cellular and public VSAT networks, Libra does not share bandwidth. This means no disruption from other users and no surprise configuration changes by third-party network operators. And because you have full control over the system, state-of-health monitoring and parameter changes are easy. 

Libra VSAT for early warning applications

Early warning networks require very high availability even during exceptional circumstances.

Cellular is not a mission-critical communications technology. Libra is an obvious complement to cellular communications for early warning networks, adding redundancy should cell service go down after or during an event. We have extensive experience and provide a complete range of products to support early warning solutions.



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