The Trillium series of broadband seismometers are the most popular seismometers in the world. There’s a variety of form factors and corner frequencies meaning there’s a Trillium that’s ideal for your weak motion seismic research. 


Trillium 120

Broadband performance from a portable, easy-to-use, low-power seismometer. The Trillium 120 series of seismometers is available in vault, posthole or borehole form factors to suit a wide range of applications.


120 Posthole120 Borehole    120 SLIM POSTHOLE



Trillium Horizon

The Trillium Horizon series of broadband seismometers feature a design that is exceptionally versatile, ideal for both direct bury and vault use cases. These lightweight, easy-to-deploy sensors can be direct buried at shallow depth or set on a pier.



Horizon 120   Horizon 360




Trillium Compact

The Trillium Compact series of broadband seismometers are low power, highly accurate, rugged, reliable and easy-to-install sensors that are used in more seismic networks around the globe than any other seismometers of their kind.



Trillium Compact    Trillium Compact Posthole  Trillium Compact Horizon




Trillium 360 GSN

The Trillium 360 is the world’s highest-performing broadband seismometer. Available in vault, posthole or borehole form factors, the 360 gives you full-bandwidth coverage for monitoring global and local seismicity with a single instrument.


Trillium 360 GSN




Meridian wordmark

The Meridian series instruments are a combination of two proven technologies in a single instrument. This high-performance seismograph offers simplified downhole installations with a small-footprint station.


 Meridian Compact Posthole     Meridian Posthole




Nanometrics seismometers from global teleseismic to strong motion applications