The combined strong and weak motion capabilities of the Cascadia series, now with a higher dynamic range. Cascadia 120 Slim Posthole image

The latest addition to the popular Cascadia series of single cased instruments, the Cascadia 120 Slim Posthole, combines the ultra low-noise of the Trillium 120 Slim Posthole seismometer with the high clip level of the Class A Titan accelerometer. This dual output, ultra-wide dynamic range sensor can be deployed in boreholes as narrow as 104 mm to measure both strong motion and weak motion, with absolutely no compromise in performance. With one hole to dig, a single connector, a single cable and sensor that are guaranteed to be mutually aligned, proper deployment is virtually effortless.

Don’t let your data be limited by your instrumentation

The Cascadia maximizes the scientific return on your investment by providing the richest possible data catalog to facilitate local and teleseismic studies. While you are monitoring for strong motion events, your instruments provide a valuable source of weak motion data that helps calibrate and train event detection algorithms, as well as benefit the broader seismology community.

A highly integrated station solution

The Cascadia series is optimized for use with our popular Centaur digital recorder. When used with the Centaur Digital Recorder, real-time tilt and azimuth correction feature permits the digitizer to correct for any tilt and misalignment at the source, eliminating the need for correction downstream. The Centaur allows for easy configuration of both sensors via the Centaur’s web interface. You’ll have full access to extended state-of-health data, including sensor inclinations, temperature and more. A digital leveling bubble in the Centaur GUI makes for easy leveling down a dark hole and gives you the ability to check levelness at any time once the instrument is buried.

Use Cases

  • Earthquake Early Warning
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Volcano Monitoring
  • Local/Regional Teleseismic Monitoring and Modelling
  • Aftershock Monitoring


  • Highly portable, easy to install, no vault required
  • Will never go off scale
  • Ideally suited for applications where the amplitude range is unpredictable
  • Features a digital bubble level for easy downhole levelling
  • Suitable for harsh environments, resistant to flooding
  • Minimal site footprint
  • Low cost of deployment/low cost of ownership


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Ultra-low temperature options available



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