A high performance seismograph for down-hole installationsMeridian PH

Marrying the sensor to the digitizer and recorder, this all-in-one seismograph provides exceptional performance for a variety of downhole installations: direct burial, shallow or deepcased holes.

The Meridian PH features the latest generation Trillium 120PH class seismometer technology mounted on a leveling system inside a stainless steel pressure vessel. Inherent in all Trillium seismometers, the Meridian PH provides low power consumption, remote mass centering, and a robust no-mass lock design. The Meridian PH is also available for Polar environments.

Meta data you can trust

  • Instrumentation configuration is made easy with an intuitive user interface. Once configured, the Meridian PH builds its own metadata.
  • With the digitizer and sensor housed in a single unit, dataless seed volume is internally built and guaranteed to be correct every time.

Efficient array management, simplified site visits and logistics

  • Reduced “touch time” makes it easier to manage your resources

Less to forget, less to integrate

  • Combining proven technologies in a single package keeps it simple

Operational Benefits

  • Higher data quality than vault style installations
  • Auto-levels to true vertical for highest fidelity recording
  • Uniform installation technique
  • Less equipment to transport
  • Simplified meta data management
  • Better performance in urban areas
  • Improved security of assets

Cost Benefits

  • Less equipment to maintain
  • Installation costs reduced
  • Logistics costs lowered


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