Gain a better understanding of seismicity on a global scaleTrillium 360 GSN series

Available in vault, posthole or borehole form factors, the 360 GSN series gives you full-bandwidth coverage for monitoring global and local seismicity with a single instrument.

The world's highest performing broadband seismometer

The Trillium 360 GSN Seismometer series is the culmination of more than 30 years experience designing and building the best seismological instrumentation in the world. Its industry-leading performance, including low self-noise, very wide bandwidth, precisely calibrated response and immunity to environmental effects makes it well suited for many applications, including the deployment of new seismic networks or the recapitalization and expansion of existing facilities.

Easy to use

Its many simple-to-use features, such as automatic levelling and mass centering that can be remotely initiated, and digital case tilt reporting make for fast and successful installation every time.

  • Very broadband, exceptional low-noise performance that meets GSN operational requirements
  • Meets USGS Class A+ requirements
  • An extended low-frequency range useful to beyond a 10,000-second time period
  • Able to resolve below Peterson’s new low-noise model (NLNM)
  • Widest available flat response bandwidth, 360 seconds to 80 Hz
  • A wide dynamic range with a clip level of ±10 mm/s
  • Automatic leveling and mass centering that can be remotely initiated
  • The lowest magnetic sensitivity of any broadband seismometer
  • Ask about our harsh environment and extreme cold models


Trillium360 GSN Borehole 

  • Designed for cased boreholes, with holelock and fail-safe release mechanism

Trillium360 GSN Posthole

  • Its robust, waterproof, stainless steel enclosure protects from hostile environments
  • Polar Certified Model available for operating temperatures down to -50°C

Trillium360 GSN Vault 

  • Incorporates a patented thermal stability system to minimize the effect of diurnal temperature fluctuations
  • Polar Certified Model available for operating temperatures down to -50°C

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