The Trillium Compact Ocean Bottom Seismometer (OBS) is an ultra-low power broadband seismometer for ocean bottom deployments to 6000m depth

Trillium Compact Ocean Bottom Seismometer device

The OBS vessel and gimbal design preserves the full performance of the
land-based Trillium Compact seismometer, including its exceptional dynamic range and low noise floor.

Performance,  Dependability,  Availability

Incorporating a robust and reliable leveling gimbal that operates over a full 360° range, the Compact OBS will auto-level from all orientations. A full titanium cylindrical pressure vessel for 6000m deployments, or aluminum-anodized enamel painted vessel for 1800m deployments, and proven glass epoxy connectors ensure exceptional ruggedness and resistance to corrosion in marine and fresh water environments.

The system employs two separate connections: the primary analogue connection as well as a digital connection. The digital connector is provided for final configuration and sensor verification prior to deploying the OBS overboard.


SIO Abalone OBS
Scripps and Nanometrics partner  to make Ocean Bottom Systems globally available. 
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  • The precise, kinematic 360° gimbal auto-levels from any orientation ensuring successful deployment and implementation.
  • Comprehensive State-of-Health logging includes case orientation, providing a powerful data set for optimizing deployment techniques.
  • Ultra-low 180mW typical power consumption reduces battery costs
  • 120-second true broadband seismometer provides the same exceptional dynamic range and low noise performance as the proven Trillium Compact land seismometers


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