We’ve taken the popular and proven Trillium 120QA technology, adding more utility to its already low self noise and outstanding broadband performance.
Trillium Horizon 120 device

The Trillium Horizon 120 is the first-ever instrument designed to ideally suit both direct bury and vault use cases. This lightweight, easy-to-deploy sensor can be direct buried at shallow depth or set on a pier. You’ll have access to all the benefits of direct bury (including better performance and lower logistical costs) while still having the option of a vault install.

Local, regional & teleseismic studies

The Trillium Horizon is ideal for local, regional and teleseismic studies having a response flat to velocity from 120 seconds to 150 Hz and a self-noise below the NLNM at 100 seconds. Operators will appreciate the low power consumption, automatic mass centering and robust no-mass lock design inherent in all Trillium seismometers. The Horizon is ideal for instrument pools; it gives you all the versatility you need with a smaller financial investment and less storage space required than purchasing both vault and direct-bury instruments

A highly integrated station solution

When using the Horizon with our popular Centaur digitizer, you’ll have access to a digital leveling bubble through the Centaur GUI. The virtual leveling bubble makes for easy leveling down a dark hole, or once buried, gives you the ability to check levelness at any time.

Our optional accessories ensure fast and easy deployment

  • Sensor cables
  • Transport case
  • Alignment and leveling toolkit
  • Insulating cover
  • Lifting cable
  • Bubble level cover (shown in photo above)


  • Designed for both shallow bury and vault installs
  • Ideal for regional and teleseismic studies
  • Highly portable and easy to deploy
  • Features a digital bubble level for easy downhole leveling
  • Stainless steel and resistant to the elements
  • Offers best-in-class power consumption
  • Immersible to 10 m (able to survive indefinitely in a flooded vault)
  • Top-mounted connector to facilitate direct bury
  • Fully automatic mass centering


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Ultra-low temperature options available



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