Seismic monitoring has been our core business for over 30 years.

Only a few years ago, we recognized the need in the oil and gas market for our turnkey seismic monitoring services. Fast forward to today, and what has grown into the Services division is a market leader in passive seismic monitoring for the energy production sector. And while this division expands its market share globally, we see a new need for services arise as all types of seismic monitoring networks are becoming increasingly complex to operate.




It’s not easy operating a seismic network 

Researchers and network operators of today are being challenged by unprecedented levels of data, organizational security and firewalls, server space, backup power supplies, the software required to process multiple data formats and the time required for processing. Not to mention that funding paradigms are changing, resources are increasingly constrained, and everyone is being asked to do more with less. 


We’re here to help

Here’s where we can help: by harnessing the power of cloud-based infrastructure, we can provide guaranteed data returns, with the same data security and service level available to our oil and gas customers. Our data acquisition and processing services are done at our 24/7 cloud-based data centre that’s staffed by IT professionals, data analysts and seismologists.


Trust your network

Beyond cloud-based data solutions, we can provide network monitoring services, access to equipment pools, even complete turnkey networks. You can be confident that your network will be made up of the the best instrumentation in the world, and best suited for your particular application. 


Using our services means you can focus on your research, and leave the network to the experts.