Critical seismicity information at your fingertips, from anywhere at any time

Athena screen on computer and phoneAccess and review real-time seismic event data via a secure web portal or mobile app

  • Continually tracks temporal variations in seismicity rates and b-values in your region of interest as a potential measure of the likelihood of occurrence of larger magnitude events
  • Measures the impact of detected seismicity via real-time ground motion measurements and reports
  • Displays maps of ground shaking distribution showing predicted ground motions in areas with no seismic stations
  • Reports on automatic event detection and manual event review response times, with the overwhelming majority of events are detected in under 1 minute
  • Sends notifications based on custom magnitude, seismicity rate or ground motion thresholds
  • Supports automatic event import from public data feeds as a way of comparing your event source parameters to those from public catalogs

Event parameters

  • Tracking and display of complete event source parameters including event location, location uncertainty, magnitudes (Mw and ML), moment tensors and focal mechanisms

  • Station phase pick data
  • Station magnitude and amplitude data
  • Customized mapping by event attributes with user-provided reference overlays
  • Catalog search and reporting capability by any event source parameter

Ground motions 

  • Geographical distribution of ground shaking (PGA, PGV, MMI)
  • Calculated ground motions for each station in real-time following an event (PGA, PGV, RSA)
  • Color coding of stations and recorded ground motions according to ground shaking intensity

Waveforms and station metadata

  • Display of filtered event waveforms with P and S pick overlays
  • Waveforms ordering by station or proximity to the event
  • Supports downloading of waveform data in MiniSEED format and station metadata in dataless SEED format

Frequency-magnitude distribution plots 

  • Computation and display of magnitude of completeness (Mc) and b-values
  • Custom selection of event clusters in space and time
  • Tracking and plotting of temporal variations in b-values in parallel with the seismicity rate graphs, in near real time

Its ease of use makes for seamless organizational integration

  • Displays focal mechanisms in Google maps
  • Manages instrument and station metadata
  • Allows easy selection and download of sections of the catalogue
  • Supports a large user base, but allows you to grant each user only the privileges they need
  • Allows for custom branding of the web interface


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