Optimizing experiment efficiency and campaign continuity with cloud-based planning 

Campaign Manager for the Pegasus Ecosystem is Nanometrics’ powerful new platform for planning, sharing and reviewing your autonomous deployments. The first application to be hosted on Nanometrics’ Halo Cloud Platform, Campaign Manager lets you manage every aspect of your portable deployment from any workstation with network access. 

Campaign Manager and Pegasus Digital Recorder


Preplanning your deployment with Campaign Manager adds speed and efficiency to every step of the deployment and greatly streamlines on-site station configuration, reducing the likelihood of errors in the field and increasing the outcome certainty of every experiment.


With its easy-to-use interface and streamlined workflow, Campaign Manager provides the ideal platform for planning and deploying any scale of experiment.  


Latest Campaign Manager Developments 




The benefits of the Pegasus solution start before you even go out into the field, Campaign Manager allows you to create detailed campaign plans with station profiles that include station geolocations and templates for instrument configuration. 

Click to add a StationClick to add a location and assign a profile

To add a station to a campaign, you simply double click on a map, enter the location coordinates, or you can even deploy multiple stations at once using the new grid feature. Once a station has been added to a plan, it can easily be edited or relocated with the drag and drop function. 


Create and Apply Station Configurations 

Campaign Manager provides the ability to pre-configure stations using station templates that define all digitizer and sensor settings (sample rate, gain, sensor type, etc).


A station template can be easily applied to any number of planned stations via a batch process, ensuring the consistency of large scale deployments.  You can create templates for any of the broad range of compatible sensor types, with many sensors pre-populated in the integrated sensor library, providing a quick and efficient method of configuring experiments using mixed instrumentation. 


Once your plan is complete, Campaign Manager acts as a companion to the Pegasus mobile apps. The plan automatically syncs to the Pegasus app on the field team’s mobile phones, equipping your team with all of the station locations and configurations required to deploy the experiment according to your plan. In the field, the mobile app is connected to any Pegasus Digital recorder to apply the pre-planned profile and the station is automatically configured. 


As the deployment is being carried out, the details of each station are recorded in the field team’s mobile apps providing a time stamped record of when a station was deployed, as well as any adjustments to the locations and configuration of the stations. With the plug-n-play feature available with Nanometrics sensors, the serial number of the connected sensors is automatically captured and is included with the digitizer metadata synced back to Campaign Manager, once a network connection is available. 

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Latest Campaign Manager Developments 

Station Grid Tool

To enable the quick creation of multiple stations, the new Station Grid Tool allows you to insert an N x M grid with configurable spacing and geolocation. Every station in the grid inherits a common network name and is assigned a unique sequential station code and geolocation information. A universal station profile can be assigned to every station in the grid, or they can be set up individually. Each station can also be adjusted and repositioned independently of the rest of the grid to avoid obstacles or to optimize the station placement. 


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