Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) - Site Characterization and Monitoring Services

The permanent underground storage of CO2 for Carbon Capture and Sequestration includes a number of seismic risks and regulatory requirements throughout the project lifecycle. Nanometrics can expertly and cost-effectively meet your seismic site characterization and monitoring needs so you can effectively understand and manage your risk while focussing on your core business.


Site Characterization - Seismic Hazard StudiesSeismic Hazard Assessment

In the pre-permitting phase of your project, Nanometrics can perform comprehensive Seismic Hazard Assessment and Site Response Characterization studies to ensure the seismic risk is well understood for site selection and permitting requirements. 

In the event that public seismic data is not sufficient, our turnkey monitoring services can cost effectively set up a temporary network to supplement the existing datasets.


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Athena data management systemInduced Seismic Monitoring (ISM)

One of the potential risks associated with CCS projects is the risk of inducing seismic activity as a result of injection activity. In order to understand and manage this risk, a customized local passive seismic monitoring (PSM) network is required. Although data may be available from public networks they do not have the resolution or accuracy required to effectively understand and manage IS risk.  

An effective PSM network can be used to collect seismic data throughout the CCS project lifecycle.  The network collects seismic data in the pre-operation or pre-permitting phase to help understand the baseline seismicity and then records seismic data during the injection phase to help proactively manage risk and regulatory requirements. The same network would then be used to collect seismic data in the post-injection site care period (PISC) to meet regulatory requirements for post injection and site closure.
Nanometrics is the market leader in turnkey passive seismic monitoring with years of experience and knowledge to draw on.   We offer  a full turnkey service managing network design, installation, commissioning, data acquisition and processing enabling you to satisfy your technical requirements and exceed regulatory and monitoring requirements.  Our fully autonomous turnkey monitoring solution uses our proprietary broadband arrays with the latest state-of-the-art event detection, communication and data processing technology including access to our  Athena data management system.  


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Structural Health Monitoring 

SiteAlert and Athena IntegrationAs a natural extension to Induced Seismic Monitoring of your CCS project, Nanometrics also offers turnkey Structural Health Monitoring services.  This service is seamlessly integrated with our ISM service through the Athena Data Management System and provides real time monitoring for structural integrity of nearby critical infrastructure (Plants, facilities, buildings) or nearby residential areas.  The service involves instrumenting the facilities of interest with either free field or on structure Titan Class-A strong motion accelerometers and real time data acquisition, monitoring and continuous ground motion data processing and notifications based on predefined threshold exceedances.  


The Structural Health Monitoring service is accessed through our web based monitoring portal SiteAlert. The integration of Athena and SiteAlert allows you to have a CCS site/area view through Athena with individual facilities on the map layer providing a link to SiteAlert.  This feature provides seamless integration of local monitoring networks and on structure monitoring instances allowing analysis of ground motion impacts on individual facilities.


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For more information on Carbon Capture and Sequestration Monitoring and Site Characterization please contact a member of our Seismic Monitoring Services sales team.


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