Seismic Hazard Assessment Services

Earthquakes can pose important risks to the safety, structural integrity and business continuity of critical infrastructure. With over 30 years’ experience as a leading seismology solution provider, Nanometrics is uniquely equipped to provide our clients with the Seismic Hazard Assessment Services necessary to quantify the impact of potential future earthquakes. Our comprehensive suite of engineering seismology consulting services provide the key seismic design inputs necessary for the development and implementation of effective engineering solutions for both existing and planned structures.


Engineering Seismology Map



Drawing on public anseismic hazard assessment datad private data sources, our highly experienced team of Engineering Seismologists can derive the greatest insight possible from integrated seismic data on a regional and local (site-specific) scale, including the following products:


  • Seismic Source Characterization 
  • Ground Motion Prediction 
  • Site Response Characterization 
  • Seismic Hazard Analysis
  • Hazard Disaggregation
  • Hazard-Compatible Time Histories  
  • Scenario Earthquake Simulation and Shake Maps

In addition to our Seismic Hazard Assessment services, we also offer real-time Structural Health Monitoring and impact Notification services for the continuous monitoring of seismic impact on critical infrastructure. 



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