Understand and Optimize your Well Completions to Maximize your Return on Investment

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Combining intelligent acquisition with advanced data processing to provide actionable results, earlier in the development cycle. Passive Fracture Imaging service provides all of the microseismic information required to evaluate the effectiveness of completions programs, without the high-cost and operational risk of deploying downhole sensors. 

Key Benefits of PFI

  • Fast, Accurate, and Complete Data
  • Improved Decision-Making
  • Optimize Your Operations
  • Low Environmental Impact


Acquisition - Scalable Design and Deployment

Accelerate the understanding of your well

Our super-station design allows for scalable and flexible array configurations that adapt to any environment and reduce the number of sensors required. The lower station count compared to traditional surface acquisitions reduces the environmental footprint, field exposure and acquisition cost of the project. The unique geometry of a super-station and proprietary noise suppression algorithms provide best-in-class enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio, allowing detection of microseismic events below Mw−2.


  • Icon depicting scaleHighly scalable & adaptable
  • Icon depicting uniqueUnique station design & deployment

Advanced Data Processing

Fast, Accurate and Complete Results

Our leading edge workflows and enhanced data processing maximizes data and reduces the turn-around time, getting you actionable results quickly. Imaging algorithms are used to automatically detect and locate events using a velocity model calibrated from perforations or events in a series of refinements. Matched-filter techniques are also applied to ensure a uniform detection threshold is achieved. All potential events also undergo an additional manual verification by our highly specialized team of data analysts.


  • Icon depicting dataAdvanced Data Processing
  • Icon depicting quantitative thinkingQuantitative Interpretation

Nanometrics Luminos - Data Visualizer

Deliverables are provided through our interactive data visualizer, Luminos, which provides a dynamic view of the microseismic data for greater operational insight. Luminos allows you to isolate specific features for closer examination, rotate and manipulate the view to examine data from more angles, view source parameters for selected events and review how the seismicity evolves over time. 



User at screen with data visualizationPRESS RELEASE - JULY 26, 2021

Nanometrics awarded 5 additional contracts in the Duvernay and Montney shale plays

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