A complete understanding of your reservoir management & well completions

Passive Fracture Imaging (PFI) is a turnkey service that makes hydraulic fracture monitoring easy and affordable.




Fast, Accurate, and Complete

Leading edge data processing maximizes data and automated quantitative interpretation reduces turn-around time getting you actionable results, quickly.  


Improve Decision-Making 

Faster results mean that key decisions can be made earlier in the development cycle, reducing drilling and completion costs and maximizing your return on investment.


Optimize Your Operations

For a fraction of the cost of traditional microseismic surveys you can evaluate your drilling and completions design quickly and easily. Quantitative interpretation results integrate engineering data to provide further insight into your completion.


Low Environmental Impact

The Super-Station design allows for scalable and flexible array configurations to adapt to any environment. The lower station count compared to traditional surface acquisitions reduces the environmental footprint while also reducing field exposure and acquisition cost. 


Reduce Risk

Combine PFI with real-time induced seismicity monitoring and risk mitigation via the industry's first seismicity management dashboard.


Intelligent Acquisition 

Accelerate the understanding of your well completions

The combination of the station design and advanced image-based processing provides quick and detailed completion insights. Microseismic results and quantitative interpretation results can be used to improve future completions by optimizing drilling and completion parameters such as number of stages, distance between wells and pump times.

This leading-edge PFI surface microseismic solution can easily be customized to meet any microseismic detection requirements. By combining a low station footprint with beam‑forming processing PFI provides more detectable, locatable, and reliable events with an approachable and scalable service.  The arrays can detect events below M-2.0, providing all of the microseismic information required to make important operational decisions.



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