The most cost-effective, informative approach to microseismic monitoring

PFI, or passive frac imaging, is a hydraulic fracturing monitoring service that tells you when, where, how big and what type of a microseismic event has occurred. Typically monitoring these tiny events means a big expenditure, but with our PFI service, you’ll get the information you need at a fraction of the price of costly downhole monitoring.


Passive Frac Imaging a cost effective alternative to microseismic monitoring

Nanometrics uses small networks and advanced signal processing to give you all the data you need to make important operational decisions, at a fraction of the price of going downhole.

  • Standard microseismic deliverables

  • Decades of experience in seismic monitoring

  • Fully explained processing workflows

  • Smaller investment, smaller risk

  • Doubles as high-resolution ISM array

  • Richer data sets with patch or posthole deployments

What can you find out using our PFI service?

Event location cloud

An event location cloud conveys the extent (in x, y and z directions) the rock around the well was stimulated by injection via either fluid or stress changes. This also reveals any faults that might have existed. 


Event magnitudes

PFI provides event magnitudes proportional to the size of the surface that slipped (the size of the fractures).


Moment tensors

Moment tensors indicate the geometry of the slip (the direction and orientation of the slip planes) as well as the type of slip (shear or tensile opening).

These parameters are combined with pumping data to interpret what happened in the subsurface.


Our PFI service includes the following:

  • Network performance modeling and design
  • Turnkey field deployment and decommissioning
  • Offline recording and data playback following data retrieval
  • Industry-standard microseismic deliverables
  • Complete data processing with fully explained processing workflows

Let our decades of experience work for you

We have decades of experience in seismic monitoring, and our PFI solution is highly scaleable. This means that we have the depth and breadth of expertise to design a customized solution that meets or exceeds your requirements... and works with your budget.





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