Critical information to effectively manage risk, gain insight and avoid shutdowns

Oil & Gas operations are faced with increasingly complex risk management requirements encompassing meeting regulatory and technical requirements, managing corporate social responsibility, and stakeholder expectations. Our suite of seismic monitoring services provides Oil & Gas Operators with clear, actionable insight into potential risks to inform decision-making and drive operational efficiency.


Built on the foundation of our industry-leading seismic monitoring services and instrumentation, our range of offerings provide a scalable, turnkey monitoring solution for all areas of oil & gas operations.


Our Services

Computer screen with seismic data

Passive Seismic Monitoring 

Customizable seismic monitoring solutions that are tailored to your monitoring objectives. We are able to provide fast, accurate and complete seismic information for passive and induced applications.

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Well completion visualization

Microseismic Monitoring (PFI)

Providing all of the microseismic information required to evaluate the effectiveness of completions programs, without the high-cost and operational risk of deploying downhole sensors. 

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Salt water storage facility

Salt Water Disposal Monitoring

Seismic monitoring options that quickly and efficiently meet TX RRC monitoring requirements as well as characterizing seismicity and ground motions in the vicinity of your injection operations.

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Our Expertise

Our scientific and operational experience in earthquake seismology means we can work closely with industry groups and researchers to stay abreast of regulatory discussions and ensure our systems are ready for any potential changes in regulations. This includes the complementing current magnitude-based protocols with ground motions, since we compute ground motions in addition to source parameters as part of standard monitoring deliverables.


As one of the world’s largest seismic network operators, we offer proven network design methodology, station deployment and network maintenance capabilities and extensive in-house data processing and analysis experience. We can expertly and cost-effectively meet all your monitoring needs, including compliance with the latest regulatory requirements, so you can focus on your core business.


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