Easy-to-use data management anytime, from anywhere

Event cataloging and notification system via web browser or mobile app

The Athena Data Management System is included as part of our seismic monitoring solution, allowing you to browse up-to-date event catalogues, view all recorded event source parameters and waveforms, select and download sections of the catalogue, plot frequency/magnitude relationships for event clusters, examine maps showing distribution of ground motions from each recorded event and track network seismicity rate to manage risks associated with induced seismicity in real time. 


Notification alerts are available within minutes of an event and can be customized for specific criteria and event thresholds.


Athena also allows you to keep your team up-to-date, with the distribution of near real-time and fully processed earthquake data via a wide range of channels or routes including email, SMS, RSS, Twitter, web pages, and Google Earth or GMT screen display.


  • Athena Dashboard on computer and mobile screensIS risk management
  • 3D event seismicity displays
  • Stress variations
  • Fault and lineament mapping
  • Ground motions
  • Waveforms
  • Magnitudes
  • Locations
  • Rates of seismicity
  • B-values
  • Moment tensors 

Induced Seismicity Management Dashboard

Athena Seismicity ViewerThe Nanometrics Athena Induced Seismicity Management Dashboard is the first commercial product integrated with real-time monitoring that tracks probabilistic estimates of future maximum magnitude and seismicity rate. The IS Management Dashboard is a clear and effective interface that allows operators to evaluate the likelihood of triggering large events in real-time, providing valuable insight into:


  • Frequency Magnitude & Probability Distribution
  • Probabilistic Maximum Magnitude and Seismicity Forecasting
  • Interactive 3D Event Mapping 
  • Temporal Variations of Seismicity and Operational Parameters 

The Induced Seismicity Management Dashboard data facilitates accurately assessing the risks associated with induced seismicity and the effectiveness of risk mitigation protocols


New Detailed 3D Map View

3D Map ViewThe latest Athena release integrates a detailed 3D view into your event search results. This new feature allows you to toggle the results of your search criteria between two views, the traditional map view and a more detailed 3D view of events. The 3D view provides increased flexibility in visualizing your data within the context of your wellbore and geological horizons and features, and also allows you to toggle between absolute and High Precision locations. 



SiteAlert Structural Health Monitoring Integration

SiteAlert IntegrationOur Structural Monitoring service, SiteAlert, can now be integrated into your existing Athena Seismicity Portal creating a centralized platform for monitoring seismicity in the area of your operation and reviewing the potential impact to your critical facilities.


With the SiteAlert integration, an icon representing each of your critical infrastructure is added to the Athena interface providing a link to the SiteAlert platform to also review the real-time status of each of your facilities, as well as incident data for any events that exceeded the warning or critical ground motion thresholds. This added SiteAlert integration provides all of the details necessary to make informed decisions about the maintenance and management of your facilities related to  local or regional seismicity. Learn more about the SiteAlert platform and our Structural Health Monitoring services please click the link below.


Structural Health Monitoring 



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