Ground motion monitoring is becoming an increasingly important part of infrastructure monitoring and induced seismicity monitoring.

Field engineer holding Titan Posthole accelerometer for ground motion monitoring We lease standalone strong-motion stations that measure ground motions associated with operations, or monitor ground motions that may impact critical infrastructure. These ground motion monitoring stations typically operate off-line, and feature our Class-A Titan accelerometer technology.


Our Titan Posthole accelerometer is a popular choice for energy producers or infrastructure owners looking for a reliable, exceptionally accurate yet surprisingly affordable ground-motion monitoring solution.


The Titan Posthole is housed in a waterproof stainless steel enclosure and can be deployed in a direct burial posthole or cased borehole, enabling co-location with broadband posthole seismometers. And because it was designed for direct burial, no civil works or site preparation is needed.

Supporting current and future regulatory compliance

Our ground motion monitoring service ensure you’re well positioned for any current and future regulations. For example, it’s currently used to meet the British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission (BCOGC) ground motion monitoring regulations. Our instrumentation is 800 times more sensitive than BCOGC’s mandated minimum of 0.02 g. Plus, Titan’s outstanding performance and reliability means you can easily detect small events, compute source parameters and track the rate of seismicity over time.


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