Nanometrics station in West Texas
Pictured above is a TexNet station, which uses Nanometrics equipment.

Turnkey salt water disposal monitoring to meet Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) regulations

To increase your salt water injection rates within the Permian Basin, the Texas RRC regulations require that you institute a Seismic Monitoring Plan. Nanometrics offers several tiers of  effective, turnkey seismic monitoring options to quickly and efficiently meet TX RRC monitoring requirements as well as characterizing seismicity and ground motions in the vicinity of your injection operations. 


Our scalable salt water disposal solutions range from cost-effective turnkey operation of single-stations to integrated array deployment or subscriber array access, with associated seismicity processing. Regulator-compatible equipment ensures reliable results that accurately depict and mitigate operational risk when monitoring your UIC Class II disposal well. 


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Solution Options

Option 1 - Meet the RRC regulations

  • Lease and operation of TexNet-compatible seismic stations
  • 24/7 continuous data acquisition, station monitoring and maintenance
  • Private SiteAlert web portal for monitoring and notification of local ground motions at injection sites to actively manage risk related to disposal operations 

Option 2 -  Meet RRC regulations with added insight into local seismicity  

  • All deliverables in option 1
  • AI-Enhanced seismicity detection from a local array of private and public stations
  • Private Athena web portal with access to 24/7 notifications, complete seismic catalogue and forecasting tools to understand the likelihood of seismic events
  • Fault mapping for active seismicity risk management 

Option 3 -  Meet RRC Regulations with insight into seismicity in the entire Permian basin

  • All regulatory compliance features of Option 1 as well as all local Seismicity management and risk forecasting insight of Option 2
  • Full or partial access to Nanometrics’ Permian subscriber array data set 

Texas RRC regulations stipulate that monitoring instrumentation must meet the performance of the existing public network, TexNet, which mainly comprises Nanometrics instrumentation. All tiers of our salt water disposal monitoring services use this exact instrumentation providing definitive regulatory compliance.




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