Nanometrics offers scalable, turnkey monitoring options to effectively manage seismic risk for mining operations.

We manage all aspects of the network design, permitting, installation, commissioning, data acquisition and processing to enable you to focus on managing risk and business continuity. Nanometrics’ turnkey monitoring solutions use our proprietary, industry leading broadband arrays with the latest state-of-the-art event detection, communication and advanced AI data processing technology and access to our secure, intuitive Athena and SiteAlert web portals. 

Surface MineSeismic Monitoring Solutions for Mining Applications

1. Regional Seismic Monitoring 

Monitoring for natural seismicity in a larger area

2. MicroSeismic Monitoring

Mine operation induced seismicity at the local scale

3. Structural Monitoring

Monitoring of individual structures within the mine


For a comprehensive risk management solution, all three services can be combined in a seamlessly, integrated monitoring service. SiteAlert locations can also be integrated into Athena to provide a seamless view of regional monitoring networks, local monitoring networks and on-structure monitoring instances.


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Regional and Structural Monitoring Regional Seismic Monitoring 

Mine seismic activity is a key risk in mine operations and can result from both natural (regional Monitoring) or events induced from mine activity (local monitoring). Monitoring of the seismicity is a critical step in understanding, designing for and managing the associated risk. Nanometrics’ turnkey regional monitoring solutions provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective means of monitoring larger natural seismicity at the regional scale that can potentially impact mine operations.


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MicroSeismic Monitoring

Taking seismicity monitoring from a broader perspective for understanding natural seismicity and overall mine design parameters to the next level local (Microseismic) monitoring is the critical next step in understanding and monitoring operational risk. The Nanometrics Seismic Monitoring Services team will design a high-resolution local network that will balance sensitivity with practical limitations to deliver an optimized local network capable of monitoring events induced from mine operations.


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Structural Monitoring

Engineering seismology softwareNanometrics approach to structural monitoring is multifaceted. We employ an integrated system that combines an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solution to rapidly inform operators of potentially damaging events and seamlessly integrate with local command and control systems to automatically trigger safety and operational protocols. In case of a potentially damaging earthquake, EEW enables initiating these protocols before the strong shaking starts. SHM data products are used to automatically confirm/reverse EEW alerts and to facilitate engineering assessment of earthquake impact in a timely fashion.
Our advanced monitoring services also include, interferometric and microseismic monitoring as well as tracking of structural dynamic properties. These services help engineers identify and characterize potential weakening in the structure over time.  


On-dam microseismic monitoring provides near-real time high-resolution mapping of potential fractures within the dam, providing insight into whether areas of weakness are forming, enlarging, or migrating. Interferometry maps changes in the physical properties of the dam over time to facilitate interpretation of structural integrity due to changes such as water infiltration. Tracking of key dynamic properties such as fundamental period helps to understand the impact of such changes to the overall structural integrity over time.


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