Over the last 30+ years of working with geological surveys and researchers, we’ve observed, first hand, countless instances of poor or unusable data following an expensive and lengthy deployment. 

We understand that your seismic data is only as good as the performance of your network. With Nanometrics as part of your network management team, you can expertly run real-time local, regional, national or global seismic networks, despite lacking the time or expertise to manage the many technical aspects of seismic network operations.
We provide worry-free operation of your seismic network while maximizing its performance, for a single monthly fee.


Why a managed network? 

  • Faster and more convenient resolution of problems
  • Guaranteed level of service
  • Guaranteed level of data availability
  • A quality network you can depend on

It’s like having your own Nanometrics expert on staff!


There are several levels of network management available, depending on your needs:


Tier 1. Enhanced Technical Support

  • Priority email support by staff intimately familiar with your seismic network, during Nanometrics’ business hours via a customer-specific email account
  • Periodic software and firmware updates performed and coordinated by dedicated technical support staff, as required
  • Priority telephone support during Nanometrics’ business hours
  • Monthly network performance and work summary reports, covering overall data availability, station classification by performance, list of known outstanding issues, changes in the performance from the previous month plus a summary of support activities, upgrades, alerts addressed, problems fixed and consultations carried out in the previous month
  • Direct problem resolution (where possible) via remote access to customer workstations for direct problem resolution
  • Recommendations on system upgrades or expansion based on performance observations and encountered problems


Tier 2. Active Network Management

Includes all features of Enhanced Technical Support, plus:


  • A 24/7 real-time, automated monitoring system running on a dedicated server (internal to your network or hosted in the cloud), including monitoring of primary and auxiliary Nanometrics’ communications equipment, Apollo-based data acquisition, processing, data management and archiving systems*
  • Access to and support for advanced Athena and Atlas software features available to and designed for the Nanometrics data center 
  • Automated alerts sent to network owner and Nanometrics staff via monitoring system
  • Cloud hosting of Athena and monitoring system
  • Resolution of Nanometrics software issues on a priority basis
  • Dedicated response times:
    • Automated alerts and client-initiated issues actioned the same business day
    • All tickets (alerts and issues) resolved within 2 business days**
  • Iterative review and customization of real-time monitoring software as needed

Tier 3. 24/7 Active Network Management

Includes all services of Tier 1 and Tier 2, plus:

  • Level 1 (critical*) and Level 2 (warning) alerts sent to the network owner and Nanometrics staff via monitoring system
  • Priority 24/7 response for all Level 1 (critical) alerts
  • Attention to Level 1 automated alerts within 45 minutes of reception, 24/7


Optional add-ons

Extended warranty and equipment insurance***

  • Coverage of  all repair expenses associated with damaged equipment
  • Provision of replacement equipment from our loan pool to ensure seismic network performance is unaffected while the damaged equipment is being repaired
  • Coordination of logistics associated with equipment RMAs
  • On-site visits to the network’s operations center (NOC) for training, consultation or troubleshooting services
  • Our contractors will visit remote stations and carry out repair and maintenance services as needed to meet 99.5% data availability


Data processing services

  • Assistance with manual earthquake review during times of high seismic activity, including on-call analysts to ensure scalability when needed
  • Processing using your processing software, configuration and procedures

*Critical systems or software are defined as those that directly affect the ability of the seismic network to fulfill its earthquake detection and processing mandate.

**Support tickets not covered by the 2-business day resolution time include:

  • Software, firmware and IT infrastructure evolution and improvement initiatives
  • Development and testing of new software features 
  • Resolution of confirmed hardware and software bugs.
  • Troubleshooting of complex issues that require the product knowledge of a hardware designer or software developer

***What is NOT covered by the optional extended warranty: 

  • the cost of non-warranty equipment repairs
  • the cost of upgrades of non-Nanometrics software packages
  • development of new software features requested 

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