Seismic monitoring has been our core business for over 30 years

Our complete, turnkey solutions provide everything you need to expertly and cost-effectively meet all your monitoring needs. As one of the world’s largest seismic network operators, we offer proven network design methodology, station deployment and network maintenance capabilities as well as extensive in-house data processing and analysis experience. Our systems are built using the best monitoring equipment available, and engineered for autonomous operation and maximum reliability.


Our expertise in passive seismic monitoring strategies is based in sound science and innovative technologies. We can quickly and reliably provide accurate data regarding specific aspects of subsurface processes to provide you with a better understanding of cap rock integrity, wellbore integrity, subsidence monitoring, life-of-field, structural monitoring and geothermal monitoring.


Whatever your monitoring needs, we’ve got you covered.

Induced seismicity monitoring

Exceed any current monitoring detection limits to manage risk and avoid shutdowns and be well-positioned to meet any new regulations in the future. Our real-time seismic monitoring services can help you distinguish natural from induced seismicity and measure the impact of detected seismicity via real-time ground motion measurements and reports.

Microseismic monitoring

To delineate fracture and better understand the geomechanical properties of target reservoirs, our passive frac imaging service is a unique, cost-effective hydraulic fracturing monitoring service that can tell you the when, where and how big of a microseismic event.

Subscription arrays

If you’re relying on data from public networks to drive your risk-management strategy, our subscription arrays offer significantly higher monitoring resolution and are the most cost-effective way to measure seismicity and manage risk.


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