Low-Power, High-Performance Seismic Instrumentation

Pegasus Digitizer and Mobile Interface

Nanometrics’ commitment to continuous product improvement has resulted in significant advances in the size, weight and power of several new and updated instruments. Our latest low-power solutions combine the reliable, high performance that Nanometrics is known for with the lowest power consumption possible at this class of broadband seismometry. In addition to having exceptionally low-power consumption, these instruments are also lightweight and compact, making them a true embodiment of the Size, Weight and Power requirements put forth by the Seismology community. 


These compact, low-power solutions enable you to significantly reduce transportation logistics and station footprint with absolutely no compromises in performance or data quality. 


At the heart of Nanometrics’ low-power solutions is the Pegasus Data Acquisition System with its class-leading power consumption of <200 mW which allows everything about the Pegasus platform to be small and lightweight. Featuring an intuitive mobile app based field interface, the Pegasus is optimized for simplicity and ease-of-use ensuring the highest possible data quality and availability from even the most demanding project environment. 


Low-Power Performance Examples

Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Trillium Horizon 120 product shot

Trillium Horizon 120

Less than 450mW combined

Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Pegasus Portable Digital Recorder

Trillium Compact Horizon product shot

Trillium Compact Horizon

Less than 400mW combined



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