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The Scripps Institute of Oceanography ABALONES OBS




The standard ABALONES offers trawl resistance, seismometer isolation and current shielding. With its deep-water capability and robustness through a conformal syntactic-foam flotation-based frame design, the ABALONES has a larger form than the new Triton OBS System. This 4-channel system also features a Differential Pressure Gauge (DPG) sensor.  Data is recorded to Compact Flash and retrieved at a user defined instrument recovery interval (exceeding 1-year). 




Trillium Compact Ocean Bottom Seismometer device


The ABALONES houses the Nanometrics’ Trillium Compact Ocean Bottom Seismometer (OBS), an ultra-low power broadband seismometer for ocean bottom deployments to 6000 m depth. Incorporating a robust and reliable leveling gimbal that operates over a full 360° range, the Trillium Compact OBS will auto-level from all orientations preserving the performance of the land-based Trillium Compact seismometer, including its exceptional dynamic range and low noise floor.



Scripps Institute of Oceanography



Our Partnership with Scripps



Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) and Nanometrics Inc. enjoyed a strong working relationship over many years, and then partnered in 2018 to bring Ocean Bottom Systems (OBS) to research institutes world-wide. Building the partnership on the strengths of both parties, Scripps will continue to push the boundaries of research and development for oceanographic seismology while Nanometrics advances OBS seismic instrumentation and manages manufacturing and distribution of the turnkey Ocean Bottom Systems. 


Both parties will continue to evolve the Ocean Bottom System product offering to facilitate the continued advancement of oceanographic research. Bringing together expertise in ocean science and seismic instrumentation provides research institutes around the world access to unparalleled seismic technologies for geophysical studies of the ocean. 



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