An Intuitive and Versatile Ecosystem covering the Full Spectrum of Portable Applications

Streamlining every phase of autonomous campaigns, from pre-planning and configuring your stations to harvesting ready to analyze datasets, the Pegasus workflow makes it easier than ever before to deploy and manage any scale of geophysical experiment.

Experiment Planning to Publishing

From planning your campaign to publishing results, Pegasus workflows are optimized for speed and ease-of-use to make each phase of a monitoring campaign efficient and effective. Watch the video below to see how the end-to-end workflow of the Pegasus delivers automatically constructed, ready-to-analyse data and metadata:


Campaign Manager and Pegasus Digital Recorder


​​Campaign Manager facilitates the creation of detailed campaign plans including station locations and profiles. Station profiles define all digitizer and sensor settings and are easily applied to any number of stations. The campaign plan is then distributed to every member of your deployment team’s mobile devices. 


Once in the field the mobile app is used to sync the pre-planned station profile to any Pegasus digitizer, automatically setting up the station. The app also captures a complete record of the deployment that is synced back to the cloud and updated in the campaign plan. 


When it’s time to harvest your data, it is quickly retrieved in a matter of seconds using either the Pegasus Harvesting app or Harvesting Pod. The Pegasus provides ready-to-use MiniSEED data and StationXML metadata organized in an effective, configurable file structure, with no post-harvesting work needed to convert, compile or curate datasets




Pegasus was built for speed and efficiency at every stage of the experiment: 

  • Boot time of less than 10 seconds
  • Define station templates ahead of time for quick and efficient deployment in the field, with no on-site configuration needed
  • plug+play functionality with Nanometrics sensors enables automatic station configuration
  • Rapid data collection - retrieve one month of data in under 10 seconds
  • Ready-to-use MiniSEED and StationXML experiment data, no post-harvesting work required to convert or curate data



Pegasus introduces an entirely new definition for complete data. Automatically generated system response, experiment metadata and instrument metadata in stationXML format is combined with time series data in MiniSEED format to provide a dataset that is ready to analyze and archive straight from the field. The System Response files provide the Station characteristics and settings while experiment Metadata captures data labels with location, start and stop time, station names and channels.



The modular design of the Pegasus provides exceptional flexibility and versatility. This highly adaptable system allows you to conduct experiments with any sensor, any density for any duration.
Broad Sensor Compatibility
Pegasus offers versatile instrument compatibility while still maintaining the same intuitive workflow for any type of experiment.

sensor range


Versatile Power Options
With modularity at the forefront of the Pegasus design, you have the flexibility to select the power source that suits your experiment. The broad compatibility with any 9 to 17v DC power source allows you to select batteries that suit the experiment duration, location and transportation logistics.

The available Nanometrics SMART lithium ion battery packs have been designed to provide maximum capacity in a low weight yet rugged form factor to enable efficient deployment, transportation and logistics. Nanometrics SMART battery provides 15 days of continuous deployment when paired with a Trillium Compact Posthole and can be daisy-chained and/or connected with solar panels to extend experiment durations.


LOW SIZE, WEIGHT and POWER (SWaP)pegasus with height and length measurements

The Pegasus platform brings true broadband performance with a station size, weight, and power previously only available with geophone deployments. The exceptionally low power consumption of Pegasus significantly reduces battery requirements, as well as overall station size and weight allowing for the efficient deployment of more stations for longer periods of time. 
The Pegasus Digital Recorder can also be paired with our range of low-power, high performance seismometers in our Low-Power Solution series of instruments.


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