A Pure Portable Designed For Large-N Broadband Applications

Pegasus is an intuitive and versatile system covering the full spectrum of portable applications from long term broadband to full waveform, full wavefield imaging. Pegasus opens up the next chapter in Large-N science.


Deliberately designed with every modular component thoughtfully integrated to provide the most intuitive experience, every aspect of the Pegasus system is optimized for simplicity and ease-of-use ensuring the highest possible data quality and availability from even the most demanding project environment. Pegasus is a revolution in size, weight and power consumption yet it maintains the fidelity and versatility of a modern broadband data acquisition system. With a boot time of a few seconds, smart sensor auto configuration and the ability to recover one month of MiniSEED data in under 10 seconds, Pegasus is the only system that can scale to meet the Large-N challenge.

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Pegasus now available for all monitoring campaigns


The compact size, simplified workflow, and low power requirement of Pegasus’ based nodes make it ideal for natural source or induced seismicity survey applications especially when multiple stations are required:


  • Rapid array mobilization procedure (RAMP)
  • Volcanic eruption characterization
  • Full wavefield/Mixed Phase imaging 
  • Large-N, Wide Band & Dense Broadband seismic arrays
  • Lithosphere characterization
  • Subduction zone surveys
  • Passive seismic and frack imaging
  • Passive tomography                               


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Pegasus App




  • Complete ready-to-process data: MiniSEED waveforms, StationXML metadata and comprehensive project audit information, including merging ancillary data
  • Full Audit trail: Integrated project quality control tracking, field notes and photos
  • PaaS Cloud software: Interactive open science environment for large volume data processing










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