Mission-critical infrastructure for monitoring regional/global seismicity and geohazards

Only the best instrumentation, software and communications equipment are appropriate for mission-critical seismic networks. These networks play a key role in civil protection, emergency planning and disaster relief, providing near real-time, high-quality seismic data that ensures emergency management services are more rapidly informed. 


To minimize loss of life and damage to infrastructure, these networks require the maximum availability, the maximum reliability and the maximum accuracy that’s made possible by Nanometrics complete, world-leading solutions.

Athena screen on computerInforming seismic hazard analysis 

The importance of national and regional permanent networks extends beyond emergency management. These data are important to understanding the seismic hazards in an area, which in turn informs the creation or revision of local building codes. 


Because of its exceptional quality, this seismic data is also used in a range of research applications meant to further our common understanding of the structures present and processes occurring in the world beneath our feet. 


We’ve worked closely with many government agencies and research bodies across the globe to provide the most appropriate and best-performing national and regional seismic monitoring solutions. Visit our customers page to find out more.



Global Observational Seismology

Global observational seismology has been described as an inverted telescope with which we can probe the deepest parts of the Earth’s interior and Nanometrics is dedicated to developing the best “inverted telescopes” on Earth.


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Authenticated Global Monitoring

Powered by the Centaur high resolution digitizer, Nanometrics’ Global Monitoring Solution provides hardware authenticated CD-1.1 data streaming, ensuring seismic and infrasound data is both complete and trustworthy.


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