Enabling new opportunities for frontier science in polar environments

Field-Tested & Proven Polar Instrumentation

Providing certainty in logistically complex polar environments

In harsh polar environments you need to be confident that your instruments will operate properly, Nanometrics Polar Certified Instruments provide the certainty required for this challenging environment, having been extensively tested and field-proven.


Polar Certified Trillium CompactsOur Polar Certified seismometers are engineered to operate at extreme polar temperatures, as low as -50C, for even the coldest climates. The Polar Certified mark is only applied to individual instruments that have met the polar-rated testing procedure and a Polar Certified verification document for the specific part is also included with the instrument.  

The class-leading power consumption of Nanometrics instrumentation significantly reduces battery requirements, overall station size, and weight, providing the opportunity for higher-density, high-quality data acquisition that is relevant to solid Earth, glaciological, and climate-related studies. Many of the Polar Certified seismometers are also available with magnetic shielding to further facilitate autonomous and real-time collection of extremely low-noise observations in polar regions. 


Polar Certified Instruments 

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Polar DeploymentsSEISMOMETERS

Trillium broadband seismometers are low power, highly accurate, rugged, reliable and easy-to-install sensors, available in a variety of form factors and corner frequencies to suit any weak motion seismic experiment. 



Our rugged and reliable digital recorders can withstand harsh deployment conditions while providing an intuitive, efficient workflows that provide complete and high-quality data sets



Rugged and reliable, force balance, triaxial, class-A accelerometers with exceptional dynamic range and ultra-low self noise. 



Combining two proven technologies in a single instrument offers simplified installation with a single connector and cable as well as a small station footprint with temperature stable downhole installation.


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