Giving populations valuable seconds to prepare for an impending event

We are experts in a wide range of solutions for earthquake early warning & civil defence. Our life-saving solutions range from the design and install of complete national networks to instrumentation that was designed and built with early warning in mind.

Complete networks

With over 30 years of experience, we know how to build and operate a reliable and robust mission-critical network. Our systems engineers are experts in all aspects of network design and installation, including project management, site selection, instrument recommendation, sourcing communications and telemetry, installation and training in-country staff. We will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure we build the best and most reliable seismic network possible. Our mission-critical projects include several real-time monitoring networks and earthquake early warning networks across the globe. 

Purpose-built instrumentation

Our seismometers have a UVW axis configuration, resulting in sensors that are identical in response and gain. This is essential in earthquake early warning, where fast data processing is required. If the sensors’ individual instrument response had to be removed, or was not correctly accounted for, processing would be adversely affected.


Our sensors offer high thermal stability, requiring little, if any, mass centering over their full operating temperature range. This means you can use broader band instruments in less well-prepared installations. This is important in earthquake early warning applications where a lower noise floor is desirable to capture the P-wave, and where spectral fitting is often used to estimate moment magnitudes.


Trillium Cascadia

One of our newest sensors was purpose-built for civil defense/early warning applications. The Trillium Cascadia is the result of marrying the Titan with the world's most popular seismometer, the Trillium Compact. This dual-use, ultra-wide dynamic range sensor measures both strong motion and weak motion, with absolutely no compromise in performance. Its high return on scientific investment and the simplicity of a single install is making the Cascadia very popular for earthquake early warning networks and other applications where both strong and weak motion data are required.


When time is of the essence, consider our TitanSMA accelerograph. The TitanSMA uses the same industry-leading sensor technology as a Titan accelerometer, but with a built-in digitizer and recorder. It offers ultra-low latency, local real-time processing, the ability to recognize P-wave events and broadcast warnings and network integration of multiple sensors for event triggers and voting...everything necessary for civil defense applications such as earthquake early warning systems and shake maps.


Our popular Centaur digitizer, available in 3 or 6 channels, is highly configurable and can be set up for the fastest transmission for early warning applications, with low-latency filters (low-latency FIR or causal IIR filters), small packet sizes and sample rates selected to suit EEW requirements, with the accelerometer and seismometer channels independently configurable.



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