Portable & easy-to-use solutions for near-source monitoring

Temporary seismic monitoring networks can be in place from a few weeks to a few years. They’re typically used to study seismic sources of interest or to densify existing permanent networks, and can be moved to areas of higher seismic activity as required.

Direct bury has revolutionized the temporary network 

Direct bury kitThe success of temporary seismic installations has been vastly improved with the recent development of direct bury techniques and purpose-built instrumentation. 
It can be difficult, not to mention costly, to obtain quality temporary field observations using pier-style instrumentation in a temporary surface vault deployment. Constructing a temporary vault involves many hours of planning, materials gathering, materials transportation and on-site construction. And after the experiment, the vault materials are often discarded.  
These challenges are compounded when working in remote or challenging environments.  
We’ve worked closely with researchers and field staff over the years to develop solutions purpose-built for direct bury. These solutions are ideal for temporary networks because of their lower cost of ownership and exceptional portability and ease of use. 
We offer everything you need, including sensors, digitizers, cables, batteries, solar panels, deployment cases and more. Because they’re designed with the realities and challenges of these networks in mind, many of our products make the deployment of temporary networks as easy, fast and effective as possible.


Our sales team would be happy to discuss a solution that meets all of your requirements, while addressing any challenges you may be facing. 



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